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"What Flowers Should I Plant?"

I am often asked about which flowers should be planted in the cemetery. The answer depends on several factors:

  • Cemetery Rules. Some cemeteries do not allow bushes, because as small as they start out, they can overwhelm a stone and their roots can dig underneath the headstone. Some don’t allow planting in the back of the stone, or on the sides. So it’s important to always check with the cemetery first.

  • Sunlight. Is the site under a big maple tree that keeps it in shadow during the summer? Or is it in the middle of a sunlight field? This makes a huge difference, of course. So think carefully because it also depends on….

  • Water. How much are you willing to water the flowers? If you plant in a sunny spot, and you have a plant that requires a lot of water, you can expect to be there several times each week during the hot summer.

  • Refresh Schedule. Are you planting in the spring and expecting to leave it until next year? Or will you have pinks and blues in the summer but want a change to reds and golds in the autumn?

The answers to the above also help decide another frequent question: annual or perennial? While annuals tend to have splashy blooms for an extended period, they need to be replaced at the end of their growing season. On the other hand, perennials have a much shorter blooming season but retain their greens. They make a wonderful contrast to the annuals. But they need to be cut back or “split” so they don’t take over the whole garden!

I recommend talking with your Grave Care Provider on what will work best. And remember, whatever you decide, they’re plants! You can add more, you can move them, and if they don’t work out, you can always replace them!


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