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Grave Care is a Seasonal Business

I was having a great autumn, planting lots of colorful mums like this...

Then this happened...

It completely squashed the rest of the season. No new planting could survive beyond this cold.

There may be different seasonal challenges in other parts of the country (or world), but her in New England, it can be t-shirt weather on Wednesday and a snowstorm on Friday.

It's always challenging to plan beyond mid-October. If you're starting your own grave care business or even planting at your own loved one's site, remember to keep an eye on the weather!

Fortunately, I've been doing this a while and I had planted in plenty of time for them to enjoy the flowers as they visited their relatives' grave sites.

Between now and Christmas it will be meeting with folks to plan for the spring, and perhaps getting in a bit of stone cleaning (if the weather warms enough...but that's another post!).


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